Medical Marijuana Dispensary Concerned with U. S. Proper rights Department’s New Stance_Santa Rosa, California Dispensaries Near Me

U. S. Deputy Attorney General Harry Cole issued a new memo that has got medical marijuana dispensary owners worried. Us president Obama’s Justice Section has issued some sort of new memo of which is bound in order to effect the sixteen medical marijuana claims.

Previously, The Obama administration signaled of which it would not make use of the Justice Office resources to prosecute medical marijuana individuals and caregivers. U. S. Deputy Attorney Dan Ogden released a memo of which the Federal government do not want to be able to use valuable resources to target weed dispensaries and patients if they had been obeying state law.

The U. T. Department of Justice has at this point reversed where it stands plus indicated that it may prosecute medical marijuana sufferers and dispensaries. This specific stunning reversal features the medical cannabis patients and dispensaries in an upward roar. The minimum punishment under typically the federal strategy is the mandatory 5 yrs in prison.

Within the previous Dan Ogden memo, marijuana dispensaries flourished. In the particular state of The state of colorado, dispensaries opened at an astonishing charge. Before the Ogden memo there had been only 12 cannabis dispensaries in the state of Colorado. After the Ogden memo, the quantity of dispensaries increase to over 500 through out the particular state of Colorado.

Medical marijuana individuals and dispensary owner are feeling betrayed with president Obama’s new stance towards medical marijuana. Within the campaign trail throughout 2008, Obama individually stated that he or she probably would not use the particular Justice Department to target medical weed patients and their own caregivers as lengthy as they had been complying with state laws. The marijuana community is right now under attack in addition to in a condition of panic.

Cannabis dispensary owners usually are now on program code red alert. At any time, the particular federal government came up come and shut them down. They can be organizing with their patients to demonstration and raids that will may occur from any federal firms. These plans include having patients display up during any kind of raids with picket sign to assist bring attention to this new policy. Patients are prompted to contact their very own local media, tv set station, radio stop and to movie tape any law enforcement encounter.

Will this do any good? Only time can tell but its better than merely staying under the radar and wanting things will modify. The medical marijuana movement has already established to fight every step of the method and they usually are not about to stop now. They will only way to try out to gain traction is to provide the brand new position to the public.

Typically the dispensary owners are trying to power the us government out of the medicine cabinetry of their sufferers. They face extreme consequences to keep on to serve their own patients. Undoubtedly, generally there will be a few dispensary owners that will will turn off in addition to close shop. Yet there will become those that step upwards to the problem and open plus expand their current operation.

For at this point dispensary owners will be cautioned to always keep a low user profile. That means change off the neon put leaf’s in addition to cancel the newspapers advertising. Good luck to the brave pot dispensary owners of which choose to keep open.

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